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20% Off With Unidays
Up To 75% Off All Sale Items
20% Off All Dresses, Jumpsuits & Playsuits Use Code: PINK20 *excludes sale


How to Prepare for a Spring Wedding

Posted on March 21 2018

How to Prepare for a Spring Wedding
The wedding season is almost upon us so it is time to make sure your wardrobe is ready for every occasion. Weddings can be a wonderful chance to celebrate your friends’ happy milestone, so plan now so that you have all that you need to make the most of the weddings or other special events... Read More

How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe

Posted on March 05 2018

How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe
We love clothes so when we see the variety of different options available, our first thought is “yes, please!” Then we remember there is such a thing as a budget. That can make it more of a challenge to have the right outfits for every event while still having enough money left over to attend... Read More

Surprising Facts About Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 10 2018

We love the romance and fun of Valentine’s Day. From giving Valentine’s cards to friends as children to spending a romantic evening with our partner now, there has always been something appealing about Valentine’s Day. Here’s your chance to learn more about this special day we tend to take for granted. Enjoy this information now... Read More


Posted on February 02 2018

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there is no date that calls out for romance more. Even those of us who are usually focused more on practical issues can look forward to heart-warming moments with someone we love. If you’re between loves right now, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to find someone new.


Posted on January 10 2018

Even though it’s still cold outside the trendsetters and influencers of plus size fashion are already predicting what the newest trends will be for plus size clothing in 2018. Some of the looks that you love already will still be around in spring and summer of 2018 but there’s a few surprises on the hot trends list for 2018 too.

The Best Plus Size Dresses for the New Year

Posted on December 20 2017

Feminine dresses are always perfect for the new year. Some dresses like sheaths and body conscious dresses are always appropriate and look great, but in the new year it’s the perfect time to break out some of those soft and whimsical dresses that will make you feel great as well as look great. If you’re... Read More

How to Rock the Hottest Plus Size Fashion Looks on Instagram

Posted on December 19 2017

Plus size fashionistas on Instagram and Tumblr make it look so easy to rock all the latest plus size fashion trends but many women get frustrated trying to copy those polished and fashion forward looks at home. If you’re a plus sized woman that wants to rock those plus size fashion looks like the models... Read More

How to Find the Best Plus Size Fashion Looks for Your Body Type

Posted on December 08 2017

There are so many trends in plus size fashion it can be tough to find trendy pieces that actually look good on you. Luckily there are some easy rules you can follow to sort through the trends and make sure that the clothes you choose are the ones that are going to look best on... Read More

Glad to See Plaid! A Top 2017 Winter Fashion Trend

Posted on November 24 2017

Once the cooler weather hits, expect to see plaid take off as the hottest trend that will keep you warm, even when the snow flies. While school girl plaid skirts have always had a special place in our hearts, this year brings a huge revival. Our plus size women’s dresses and other stylish fashions capture... Read More

Fabulous Dresses to Get You Christmas Party-Ready

Posted on November 13 2017

Winter is almost upon us. While companies are scrambling to reserve their venues for holiday parties, it’s time to start shopping for parties dresses. In the busy holiday season, you’ll need a wardrobe ready for Christmas parties, casual gatherings with friends, date nights, and your office party. Fortunately, our plus size women’s dresses and other... Read More

What to Wear for an Online Match-Up Date

Posted on October 19 2017

These days many of us find love online. The dating options are seeming endless and are increasingly popular, giving us a chance to meet more people and score more dates. The trouble may come when switching from an online connection to meeting in person for your first date. The expectations can be high and there... Read More

5 Must-Have Tips for Dressing for a Job Interview

Posted on October 05 2017

How to Dress for a Job Interview At Pink Clove, we love our plus size party dresses. Unfortunately, they may not be perfect for every occasion. Job interviews can be stressful. Here are five dress for success clothing tips so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about on that big day. Do Your... Read More

Transitioning Your Wardrobe for Autumn

Posted on September 04 2017

It’s fair to say that summer 2017 has been a typical British summer: the hot weather has often eluded us, and barbecue season has been a total washout. But don’t accept defeat and start packing away your favourite summer pieces just yet! With a few simple tricks of the trade you can wear those summer... Read More

Tropical Dreams & Plus Size Party Dresses

Posted on July 31 2017

Ditch the little black dress and prepare to paint the down in this year’s beautiful tropical colours and patterns. Fortunately, Pink Clove has the best of the tropical trend in gorgeous plus size party dresses that flatter curvy ladies. It’s time for your dresses to be as bold and fabulous as you are! Find Your... Read More

Goodbye Beige – Make Friends with Colour

Posted on July 26 2017

Flick through your wardrobe, does it look a little bland? Is there a pattern forming – hanger after hanger of navy, black, white and beige? Everyone seems to have an opinion on what should be in your wardrobe: fashion bloggers, personal shoppers, designers, even your favourite plus-size fashion gurus!  Once upon a time you may... Read More

Hello Summer – The Best Seasonal Looks for Curvy Ladies

Posted on July 18 2017

Summer is upon us and it’s time to pack away the UGGs and heavy woollen jumpers in favour of cute shorts, flattering dresses and pretty sandals. If you are curvy there is no need to shy away from showing off your gorgeous figure. There are some fabulous outfit ideas out there so check out our... Read More

Plus Size Dresses & Looks for Summer 2017

Posted on July 10 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest plus size fashion trends and plus size dresses happening in 2017.   Animal Print Be prepared to roaaar into Summer 2017 with bright, fun animal prints that will catch eyes and turn heads. Our Plus Shanel Animal Printed Dress with choker detail is sexy, fun and... Read More

How to Accessorize This Season’s Biggest Trends

Posted on July 03 2017

When you’re a curvy girl, accessories are your best friend! This is the one area of fashion that every plus size woman can buy directly from the high street and know that their range of on-trend handbags, baubles and shoes will not only fit her, they’ll also look fabulous! Here’s a quick plus size guide... Read More