How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe

How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe

We love clothes so when we see the variety of different options available, our first thought is “yes, please!” Then we remember there is such a thing as a budget. That can make it more of a challenge to have the right outfits for every event while still having enough money left over to attend plenty of them. Building a multi-purpose wardrobe can be particularly challenging when switching from university to the working world or moving up to a different job. You need to have clothes that can take you from day to night and from work to play. Here are the key bits you’ll need. Then you can build on it as you go.

Plus Florence Lightweight Knit Plunge Top in Black

The Top Tops

Having a few great tops can go a long way in making a great wardrobe. Our selection of plus size tops includes a variety of looks for every occasion. You can start with a top like our Plus Florence Lightweight Knit Plunge Top. It flows nicely to show off your curves without too much cling for workday wear. It can be sexy enough for evening but has enough coverage to work in more conservative daytime settings.

Add a flashier top for date nights and a sportier top for your weekend adventures. For tops that go from day to night, avoid metallic fabrics, sequins, and anything extremely low cut. Peekaboo shoulders can work well under a jacket for work and then ditch the jacket for a sexy look for your evening out.

For cooler days, a jumper in a neutral colour can top off whatever you’re wearing to keep you looking warm and cosy. Pair it with a top with a collar for a classic layered look.


A gorgeous black skirt is a must for your wardrobe. To hit the right tone for any event, you can match it up with different tops and accessories. The black skirt makes it easy to go from work to play. For cooler conditions, pair it up with a jumper and tights or leggings.

Classic Trousers

Jeans are a must for any clothing collection. These days jeans can work for the day and even more many night events. You’ll also want a pair of black trousers, suitable for work. You can wear the same top and change the look completely by switching from jeans to black trousers or mix and match tops for a huge variety of different looks.


The little black dress is a classic but don’t feel limited to black. A great fitting dress in a solid colour can work in a huge range of settings. Buy one with a moderate hemline and neckline. Avoid strapless tops if you want to be able to wear them anywhere but sleeveless or spaghetti straps are fine. You can top it with a jacket for work, add a jumper when it is cool and casual, and add some flashy jewellery for the evening.


Don’t forget to add a jacket to your collection. It will be perfect for that job interview or conference, provide warmth when worn over a dress, and pair up great with jeans for dates or fun with friends. Black is the best all-purpose colour but navy can be an excellent second choice.

Now that you’ve built your clothing wardrobe, you’re all ready to add a few accessories and take on whatever adventures await. Enjoy!

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