How to Find the Best Plus Size Fashion Looks for Your Body Type

How to Find the Best Plus Size Fashion Looks for Your Body Type

There are so many trends in plus size fashion it can be tough to find trendy pieces that actually look good on you. Luckily there are some easy rules you can follow to sort through the trends and make sure that the clothes you choose are the ones that are going to look best on your particular body. Follow these simple guidelines to make it easier to find fashionable plus size clothes that will flatter your body:

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Dress for Your Body Shape

Do you know what your body shape is? There are lots of guides that can walk you through determining what your actual body shape is. Once you know what your body shape is you can look for clothes that have elements that are designed to flatter the type of body that you have. You can also choose clothes that are universally flattering on all body types. Princess seams, wrap dresses, V neck silhouettes and A line dresses and tops look good on everyone. So if you’re not certain what type of clothes would work best with your body shape look for
plus size dresses and tops that have those elements.


Highlight Your Best Features

You may now know your body shape but you definitely know what your best features are. Choose clothes that will highlight those features so that when people see you those great features are the first thing they see. Your waist is the narrowest part of your body so clothing that highlights your waist is always flattering. Cinching your waist with a great belt will also give you great curves. Pick one of your best features and make that feature the focal point when you’re choosing outfits.


Get the Right Fit

Fit is everything for plus size women. Too much fabric will make you look larger than you are. But clothes that are too small aren’t flattering either. The best way to make sure that you’re getting a great fit is to try on several sizes of the same piece of clothing. That way you can compare which size really fits you the best. Don’t pay attention to the number on the tag. Those numbers don’t mean anything really. How a piece of clothing fits you and how it makes you feel is what really matters.


Choose Clothes with Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabrics are a plus size woman’s best friend. Too much stretch is never a good thing because that tends to highlight flaws instead of concealing them. But clothes that have just a little bit of stretch will mould themselves to your body and make your silhouette stand out. Clothes that gently skim your body will always be figure flattering. So look for clothes that have a tint of stretch to them to get a better look and a better fit.

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