How to Prepare for a Spring Wedding

How to Prepare for a Spring Wedding

The wedding season is almost upon us so it is time to make sure your wardrobe is ready for every occasion. Weddings can be a wonderful chance to celebrate your friends’ happy milestone, so plan now so that you have all that you need to make the most of the weddings or other special events in the coming months.

Plus Siobhan Wrap Ruffle Midi Dress in Wine

Braving Questionable Spring Conditions

Obviously, your clothing is going to be the most critical part of preparing for a wedding or any other big event. Spring weddings can be particularly tricky given the questionable conditions you may experience. You want to look your sexy best and yet not freeze should the weather take a turn for the worst. Figuring out what to wear can be particularly difficult if the wedding ceremony is in one location while the reception is in another. That can mean you spend an hour outside in the heat or cold, wind or humidity and follow it up with a reception indoors in completely different types of conditions.

What to Wear

If you know the wedding reception are in two different settings or will take place hours apart, you might want to plan to bring a second dress to change into. That will allow you to wear something perfect for day and perfect for night. Luckily, we have plenty of plus size clothing options so you can be ready for anything.

For outdoor receptions, a short-sleeved or sleeveless sundress can strike the perfect tone for a beautiful sunny day. Go for lighter spring colours to capture the right mood for the venue. A maxi dress, midi, or knee-length dress would work fine. Even a few inches above the knee is good, just avoid wearing one of the super-short dresses that would be better suited for a night club. Wear plenty of sunscreen and a lovely hat to keep from suffering under the sun. Bring along a sweater to protect you if the weather turns chilly. Go for a summery sandal rather than heels since you don’t want to spend your time fighting to untangle your heels from the grass.

For a night-time reception, plan to change into a different dress that is appropriate for eveningwear and made for dancing. A slinky dress like our Plus Siobhan Wrap Ruffle Midi Dress can allow you to show off your curves and look great on the dance floor, without being too revealing in the wedding pictures.

To switch from the day ceremony to the evening reception, plan to revise your hair and accessories. Keep it simple for the ceremony and let a sun hat or flowing hair make its own statement. For evening, add more bling with bigger earrings and bolder touches. You can switch to heels to go with your evening wear dress, and wear your hair in an updo or even give it a quick spray of glitter.

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