How to Rock the Hottest Plus Size Fashion Looks on Instagram

How to Rock the Hottest Plus Size Fashion Looks on Instagram

Plus size fashionistas on Instagram and Tumblr make it look so easy to rock all the latest plus size fashion trends but many women get frustrated trying to copy those polished and fashion forward looks at home. If you’re a plus sized woman that wants to rock those plus size fashion looks like the models and influencers on social media here are some of the tricks that those social media stars use in order to look that good all the time:

Plus size dress


One of the biggest secrets to looking like a full-blown fashionista is to get your clothes professionally tailored. Professional plus size models know that off the rack clothes are never going to fit perfectly. So they get their clothes tailored. And you can too. Tailoring really isn’t that expensive and it makes a huge difference in how your clothes look. Getting pants shortened, dressed taken in around the waist and bust, and getting things hemmed so that they look great on your body is the key to looking polished and sophisticated in anything that you wear.


Buy Several Sizes

Women’s clothes sizes are a total mess. So forget the size on the tag. Sizes can change from brand to brand and even when you’re shopping for items from the same company one piece of clothing can vary in fit from piece to piece. Smart girls know that the size on the tag is meaningless. What matters is how the clothes fit you. So when you’re trying on a plus size dress or plus size jeans try on several sizes of the same item and buy whatever one fits you the best. Go by fit, not by the tag, if you want to look great.


Accessories Matter

Accessories really do make the outfit, especially when it comes to plus size fashion. Choosing the right shoes, jewellery and accessories can make or break an outfit. If you’re not great at picking out accessories you might want to get the help of a stylist who can show you how to match accessories to an outfit the way that the fashionistas do. Invest in high quality accessories that have a timeless look to them so that you can wear them with many different types of outfits. Buy a few trendy throw away pieces each season so that you can update your traditional looks but for the most part stick to classic accessories.

Hair and Makeup

The way that you style your hair and do your makeup have a dramatic impact on a look. That doesn’t mean you have to have to professional makeup artists or hair stylists on retainer though. Invest in a quality haircut that fits your face and style and maintain it well. Buy good quality makeup and go to a professional for a consultation. Any beauty store or department store makeup clerk can show you some professional tips for applying makeup so that it always looks great.

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