Plus Size Fashion: Best Colours for Your Skin Tone

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror thinking “wow this is definitely not my colour”?

We were all blessed with different features and complexions. Unfortunately, just as we can’t wear everything that is out there, we also shouldn’t feel bad if one colour isn’t right for us.

At Pink Clove we understand that the rainbow has many shades and one of them will definitely complement your skin tone.

Beautiful Snowflake

If you have fair to very light skin, there is always a risk of making yourself too pale. You want to stand out, not disappear in the crowd.

Go for strong colours that will give your look an edgy, sharp character. Follow celebrities like Nicole Kidman or Robyn Lawley, who know exactly how to take advantage of their ivory complexion.

Implement a little bit of aubergine, purple or red into your wardrobe. You will look brighter and more vivid. Don’t forget to add intense-colour lipstick and a nice brightening bronzer and you will unquestionably have all eyes on you.

Autumn Hazelnut

Medium skin tone will probably look most beautiful against all pastels. These shades accentuate your natural earthy skin colour creating soft, balanced style.

For inspiration stay on style track with Nigella Lawson and The Duchess of Cambridge.

You can also experiment with all shades of orange, brown or green. If your skin becomes a bit tanned even bright colours like yellow and teal will look stunning.

Milk Chocolate

If you have dark skin, there is probably nothing that won’t suit you. You can choose from silver to coral and cobalt blue. All these colours will interact with your skin and create a nice contrast. Alison Hammond and Alexandra Burke are the best examples of how you can shine in the right outfit.

If you don’t feel like wearing anything flashy, a simple white dress will look incredible. You may style it up with some colourful accessories and the combination of colours itself will make the right statement.

If you’re still not sure which colours will enhance your appearance, mix and match them or simply choose a classic black plus size dress. With this choice you simply can’t go wrong!


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