Plus-Sized Winter Holiday Trends

Plus-Sized Winter Holiday Trends

Dressing up and looking fashionable during the cold season can be a challenge. Bulky winter coats, drab colours, and layers upon layers upon layers that hide your beautiful curves. It’s can be challenging to feel and dress sexy in sub-zero temps, but there is a way to combine both function and form with your winter clothing.

Seriously, you don’t have to give up on looking chic this winter! There are so many amazing winter fashion trends this 2018 that will let you turn any snowy sidewalk into your own personal catwalk.

Some Basic Tips For Winter Dressing

  • Invest in a good coat (or two, or three). You’ll feel more comfortable once you’ve got a solid outer layer down. Since you’ll probably be reusing your coat for the years to come, we recommend buying a winter coat that is classic, timeless, and easy to pair with.
  • Learn how to layer. It’s not about hiding your body. It’s about staying comfortable while still being fashion-conscious. It might sound
    counter- intuitive but yes there are ways to pile on the fabric while still showing off your gorgeous bod.
  • Wear a good, warm base. Save your lace lingerie for warmer times! Winter undies will set a good foundation for the rest of your outfit, and you might even be able to get away with something less bulky on the outer layers.
  • Confidence is key. Wear whatever you want, and with conviction. Remember: you’re sexy in every season!

Plus Rave Plain Removable Hood Red Rain Mac

Top Plus-Sized Winter Holiday Trends for 2018

Knee-High Boots
This winter fashion staple works whether you want a daytime office look or the perfect shoes for your ni ght out with the girls. Whether you’re going casual or dressy, knee high boots are a chic, classy, and sexy way to bring your outfit together. Also, they’re a great way to lengthen your legs and frame your gorgeous thighs.

Pair with a turtleneck for that stunning work-to-date transition. On colder days, layer on top of patterned tights or chunky over-the-knee socks for a fun look.

Every girl needs a trusty pair of tall boots, but the kind of material you get will give your outfit its own personal, unique flair. Go with leather for a sensual energy or stay sweet yet sleek with suede heels.

No Doubt Black Pu-Over The Knee Black Flat Boots
Jewel Tones
Winter isn’t always about dark neutrals like greys, navy blues, browns, or blacks. Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe with rich jewel tones. These muted and classy hues will accentuate your outfit, help you stand out from the rest, and make a bold, bright statement. The added plus? They pop against every skin tone.

Break the monotony of an all-black outfit with a burgundy blazer, or choose a deep teal dress underneath a neutral evening coat. Or take a note from actual British royalty (hello Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle) and dress in a jewel tone from head to toe! No matter how you choose to style your jewel tones, you’re sure to feel sophisticated and luxurious.

You might think jumpsuits are a breezy summer piece, but they make for an effortlessly chic outfit even in the colder months. The trick to pulling off this one-piece wonder in the winter is by sticking to rich colours, heavy fabrics (like velvet), and elegant cuts.

Stick to jumpsuits with long sleeves and modest necklines to avoid freezing over. You can also layer a turtleneck underneath a normally-revealing summer jumpsuit to cold-proof it for the winter.

Plus Ivy Twist Front Culotte Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Faux Fur
Faux fur is the very definition of opulence. Big, fluffy, and oh-so-extravagant, a faux fur makes you look and feel like you’re on top of the world...without costing too much or hurting any cute animals in the process. Who says fashion can’t be ethical and eco-friendly too, right?

To really make a statement, top off your outfit with the fuzziest, most over-sized faux fur coat you can find. For a more understated faux fur look, add it on as a stole or on one of your accessories (fur handbag or headband, anyone?).

Plus Skye Faux Fur Collar Coat In Black

Shines, and shimmers were everywhere this FW fashion week, from Balmain’s models to Calvin Klein’s runway. Metallic silvers and golds breathe a new life into an otherwise dull and drab season. Stand out from the rest of the crowd with a sequined or holographic accent piece.

Combine this loud fabric with an oversized puffer jacket for the ultimate fashion-forward, futuristic look. You’ll look stunning, whether you pair it with some jeans or dress it up with an LBD.

Plus Draya High Shine Metallic Gold Parka

Now, we’re not talking about your regular office blazer or that one pantsuit you wore to your cousin’s wedding. A winter suit is thick, versatile, and absolutely chic. A tailored suit will hug your beautiful curves while keeping it smart and modest. We believe that power dressing will get you through this cold winter, one trendy outfit at a time.

Time to break out those leather jackets and tight-fitting skirts! Command everyone’s attention by bringing the concert stage to the streets. You don’t have to go full-on rockstar gear to rock this look, you can stick to small accents here and there.

Incorporate pieces that feature straps, metal buckles, studs, or spikes to immediately get a rough-n-tough look. Stick to tactile fabrics like leather, suede, PVC, or latex. Not only will you look super hot (a great contrast to the freezing winter temperatures), you can also easily show off your curves while staying warm and toasty.

Plus Roxanne Suedette Biker Black Jacket


Get creative with your wardrobe this winter! Don’t settle for shapeless silhouettes, sombre colours, or frumpy pieces. Embrace your curves with this season's top trends. Deck yourself out in faux fur or stay on the simple yet classy side with a jewel tone coat. Transition your summer jumpsuits into winter by learning how to layer like a pro. Go bold and beautiful with a bright metallic dress, or don some sexy yet cosy leather garments for an edgier look. No matter how you decide to style yourself this winter, stay beautiful, sexy, and body-positive always!

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