What to Wear for an Online Match-Up Date

These days many of us find love online. The dating options are seemingly endless and are increasingly popular, giving us a chance to meet more people and score more dates. The trouble may come when switching from an online connection to meeting in person for your first date. The expectations can be high and there is a huge amount of pressure have the date go well. Here are tips on what to wear to help make your first date a success.

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  1. Remember the Date Venue

In our eagerness to look our best on a first date, it can be all too easy to overlook the details of the date. Our beautiful plus size party dresses are good for almost any occasion but not all. Keep in mind you’ll want to be comfortable and fit in during your date. You won’t want to show up for a walk around the park in heel designed for standing decoratively in a nightclub. You also don’t want to wear clothing that will be more of a distraction that a help when you’re trying to make a good impression.

Think of the location where you’ll be meeting on the date, consider the clothing people would generally wear there, and try to aim to be a bit dressier than they are. Not only do you want to look like you fit in, wearing clothes that are wrong for the date can make it look like you’re trying too hard.


  1. Remember Your Shared Interests

If you and your online date discussed your shared love for running, biking, or other sporty activities, don’t be surprised if your date in the park turns into a long hike around the lake. If in doubt, discuss ahead of time the type of activities planned for the date so you can make sure your clothes fit. Rowing around the lake might be lovely and romantic, until your wobbly high heels send you plunging into the water.

A trip to a football game might be a wonderful first date but not if you’re freezing in your strappy dress. If in doubt, dress in layers so you will always be prepared. Hopefully if you’ve discussed a shared interest in certain types of activities, that’s because you have a genuine interest. In that case, coming up with clothes that work for those activities should be easy. Just don’t fall back into wearing default “date clothes” that could be all wrong for this date.


  1. Remember a Trial Run

An upcoming first date is a perfect reason to buy a new outfit. Just be sure to try wearing your new clothing a bit prior to your date. You don’t want to realise too late that your new shoes are cause blisters or your dress really should have been worn with a different bra. Do a quick practice walk to your corner store prior to your date. Don’t forget to try sitting and other basic activities. You don’t want to spend half your date struggling in the WC trying to wiggle back into body shaper undies.


  1. Remember to Wear What Makes You Happy

Nothing is more beautiful than a confident you! Whatever you plan to wear for the date, make sure it makes you feel good about yourself. You know what looks good on you. Worry less about the latest style or showing cleavage than picking out clothing that makes you feel great. That dress that brings out the colour in your eyes or the jumper than shows off your lovely skin tone, could be your best options. Show off your favourite assets but remember you are a whole person. So show off your great legs but make sure you a confident enough to expect your date to appreciate all of you.


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