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2016 Wearable Fashion Trends

How often do we see runway trends that don’t really transition into real life? While they are gorgeous, stunning designs, it’s hardly reasonable to wear a see-through dress that shows all your lady bits around town or to the office!


We’ve compiled a list of actual wearable fashion trends for spring and summer of 2016. Wear any of these trends and you’ll look like you’ve come straight off the runway.


  1. Bold Stripes.Don’t bother with classic stripes, go bold or go home. Wear stripes that are bright and bold! Take our Larita Striped Midi Dress for example. This dress doesn’t let you hide in the corner.
  1. Adult Gingham. Sometimes tartan and gingham can seem a little young. With this year’s trends, designers are taking it to the next level. Wear gingham on a date, wear it to the office, wear it anywhere!
  1. Teeny-Tiny Pleats.Micropleats have made the runway again. They are perfect for dresses and skirts and give the flow of the skirt a more modern design. They remain unstructured while flattering any body shape.
  1. With the help of sequins, sparkle has returned. While this might feel a bit 60s and early 2000s, fashion trends always come back. Sparkle makes any dress festive. Ditch your typical black and silver and go with a bold green or burgundy.
  1. Patterned Patchwork. Not all of us can pull off the patterned patchwork trend but it’s now easier to pull off with its take on bolder and brighter colours.
  1. Not quite the big, puffy ruffles from the 80s. These are much more delicate and romantic. They are soft, loose and usually cascading. Take a look at our Fredia Ruffle Front Body Suit for a more casual version of this trend.
  1. Total exposure. Well not total but bare shoulders at least. Show a little skin this spring and summer with these off-the-shoulder pieces. Get yours here.


You don’t have to worry about not being able to sport those runway fashion trends because there are plenty that can be worn straight from the runway.

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