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7 Things You Should Never Do as a Plus Size Gal

There are so many fashion rules out there and even more for the plus size lady. For ages we’ve been told what to wear and what not to wear. We have rules about colour, shape, accessories and even what shoe is appropriate.

So in addition to those rules, here are a few more to keep in mind when it comes to plus size tops and skirts. You don’t want to be caught stepping out of the house breaking any of these rules – or do you? After all, rules were made to be broken…

  1. Wear tight, flattering jeans that show off your curves.Image via:

Image via:

But how come these flares look so good?


  1. Stick to smaller patterns that flatter your figure.Image via:

Image via:

Or try big, bold patterns if you want to look confident and stand out.


  1. Don’t wear baggy clothes; they can make you appear shapeless and frumpy.Image via:

Image via:

Unless of course you’re wearing kaftans, tunics or ponchos….


  1. Wear big, bold accessories to complete your look.Image via:

Image via:

Or something simpler goes more than a long way.


  1. You should wear black, it’s slimming.Image via:

Image via:

Nope. The brighter the better.


  1. Wearing trends gives you more options.Image via:

Image via:

Or maybe retro is your personal style and it looks GREAT on you.


  1. Don’t wear horizontal stripes. They are all wrong for your body shape.Image via:

Image via:

Or you’ll look so fabulously chic you won’t know what to do with yourself.

In today’s world, there are so many rules for everything. Be a rebel and be bold and go against the grain. Wear what makes you happy, confident and comfortable. If that means breaking the rule of “No Horizontal Stripes” then do it! Look to these plus size fashion bloggers for inspiration!



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