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A New Year, A New You

Every New Year that rolls around, we make promises to change ourselves, whether it works out for better or for worse, and we lose faith in ourselves when we fail.

This year, why not make 2015 different? Instead of changing you, why not change your life, your wardrobe or your aspirations to make you happy?

It is always important to take care of our health; to eat healthier, stop smoking, drink less and exercise more. But, trying to change ourselves in the New Year is often setting ourselves up for failure. There are pressures from the whole of society trying to do the same thing, the left over stash of Christmas chocolate and every magazine and newspaper screaming at you to improve yourself.

Why not improve your happiness instead?

Changes and things don’t necessarily make us happier, but accepting ourselves as we are and learning to be happy that way, can set us up to be able to make the correct changes when we need to later on in life.

Renew your Skin 

If you come into any money with your Christmas gifts, instead of spending it on a night out, or a new pair of shoes, take yourself and a girlfriend for a day at the spa. Spend an entire day being pampered, massaged and treated like a princess – the more you are treated like one, the more you will realise you deserve it.

Ask for a facial, or peel to breathe new life into old, tired skin that has taken a beating from the winter elements. You will leave glowing and wondering why you ever wasted the same money of a forgotten night and horrible hang over.

Go Shopping

 There is nothing like a spot of retail therapy, even from your own bed. For many women who battle with weight buying new clothes is accepting

their current weight or shape – and the sooner you do that the better. The sooner you invest in clothes you like for your body, the sooner you will begin to enjoy the way you look – don’t hide away behind lose fitting, or dark clothing and embrace your body shape with beautiful clothing, created specifically for your body type.


Go for a New Hair Style 

Browse Pinterest for styles you like, and speak to your hairdresser about what best suits your face shape. A new colour, or dramatic cut can make you look and feel like a different person.


If you are nervous or scared to try out a new look, invest in a wig and ask your hairdresser to cut it into your favourite style, then you can try it out at home, or with your friends for as long as you need to, before you make any big decisions. 

Stop Dieting

Throw out your scales, stop looking in mirrors, avoid counting calories – you will only make yourself depressed if you fail – instead measure your body and diet on how you feel. Don’t ban yourself from all of your favourite foods, if you slip up you will run strait for them – instead allow yourself the things you enjoy in moderation.


As soon as you stop thinking about or obsessing over food, diets and weight – the more likely you are to be happy with yourself. You may even find you lose a little weight as soon as you stop making it a big deal and the sooner it stops being a deal, the happier you will be.


Start Meditating 

For many women who are overweight, the problem roots from sadness or stress – remember those nights in with Ben and Jerry, after a failed relationship? As women we automatically reach for endorphin releasing foods when we are depressed – change the way your brain thinks by using meditation or exercise to counter act depression. Clearing your mind or filling it with naturally occurring endorphins will do the trick – without making us feel sick, or disappointed in ourselves for finishing the entire tub!


Make 2015 your year, and do what makes YOU happy, not what makes society smile!

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