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All the Uni Essentials You’ll Need

Finally, you’re going to university and it’s all a bit exciting and overwhelming. You’ve been bombarded with lists and lists of everything you’ll need that ranges from supplies to books to back to school clothing. We’ve taken the time to put together a list of essentials you’ll definitely need while attending uni.

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  1. Bedding. This is one of the first things you’ll want to purchase. It can set the tone of your entire room and it’ll showcase your personality to roommates and future mates. Pick something you’ll love and it might even be fun to coordinate with your roommate.


  1. Shower shoes. Sharing a communal bathroom isn’t an ideal situation but unfortunately, for most, it’s unavoidable. Invest in shower shoes. The showers and toilets have been around for quite a while with thousands of students who came and went before you. Shower shoes in a communal bathroom is simply hygienic.


  1. Stylish clothing. Ok, maybe not an essential exactly, but a girl needs clothes, right? For trendy plus size skirts and tops, Pink Clove has what you need. Our collections are fashionable and guaranteed to make a statement, which is exactly what you need when starting uni. And, yes, you’re right ­– this is


  1. Laptop. You should invest in a laptop if you haven’t already. You’ll need it for class and for Friday night Netflix binges. You’ll use it for term papers, note taking and chatting with your family back home.


  1. A voice recorder or app. Professors speak much faster than the ones you had before and they won’t always stop or slow down to match your pace. Get into the habit of recording your lectures with a voice recorder or voice recording app. It’ll save you from the confusion of trying to decipher your own handwriting or mixed up notes.


  1. A large laundry bag. Shove your clothes into the laundry bag when cleaning up your floor for guests. It’ll also make it easier to haul your dirty clothes to and from the laundry area.


Uni can be the most exciting time of your life. There’s no need to be stressed and overwhelmed with all the stuff you’ll have to pack. Use this list as a simple guide for the absolute university essentials!

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