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Appropriate and Trendy Work Attire

In an office setting it’s always best to abide by the company’s dress code policy. The dress code isn’t meant to annoy you or make it difficult for you but rather to project a certain image that best represents the company.

It can sometimes be challenging to dress professionally, but if we choose the right clothing that fits and flatters it will come easy. The key to dressing professionally is the fit. It’s incredibly important to have clothes that actually fit correctly. This will not only make the best impression but it will also make the most of your body type.

When it comes to tops, it can be difficult to not appear busty or like we are flaunting our chest. Even a conservative top can draw attention to the girls. First off, avoid the cleavage look altogether. Our Sheba Asymmetric Textured Short Sleeve Tee is the perfect combination of modest and classic; it’s a great piece for the office. Before you leave the house lift your arms and make sure that your midriff doesn’t show. If you are tugging on the top before you even leave the house, it’s probably not the right one.

With trousers you have to be extra careful when it comes to the fit. They should graze and fall around your hips, not expose them. They should be pressed, not wrinkled. The Zyana Check Pocket Cigarette Trousers are the perfect trousers for curvy girls. They are trendy, high-waisted, with elastic waistband, and fall right above the ankle.

The length of skirts or dresses should be at least fingertip length, but longer is usually better, and neither should be so tight that you are pulling or holding it down as you walk. The Lucy Midi Skater Skirt is the perfect length with the right amount of comfort for being in the office all day or being out and about meeting with clients.

You don’t have to be dull and boring just because you work in an office. Pink Clove offers many professional and trendy pieces that will keep you working hard and looking fabulous while doing it.


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