Style Tips

Becoming a Real Trendsetter

You see a beautiful dress and you’re almost certain it would be a great match with the wedges you just bought but for some reason you decide not to buy it.

The next day you notice the very same dress on your friend and it looks absolutely stunning…Story of your life? We all have a trendsetter hidden inside of us just waiting to be found.

Fashion trends are changing constantly and it´s very important to know your own style. Not everything will match your complexion or body shape but this is where the intuition kicks in. A trendsetter knows exactly how to play with fashion and make any piece an original outfit.

Always Give it a Try

Clothes can look completely different on websites and shop racks but the moment you try them on, the effect may surprise you. Always try to find potential in everything you see.

For example, a pair of simple back leggings could be a great match with our swing dress. This easy and classy look is great for every occasion. Remember that if you feel good, you will look good.

Bold and Confident

If you´re wearing our gorgeous midi to mini dress in orange but you don’t feel confident with your body, your lack of self-assurance will be the first thing others notice.

Be proud of your plus-size body and use it to your advantage. Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé accentuate their curves, they own them and you can too.

Stay Updated

Take a look at fashion shows and latest trends but use them only as a guideline. Stay updated and be aware of everything that’s going on in the industry.

However, keep in mind that every trendsetter builds original style only based on these trends. Avoid coping runway looks and use your own imagination to express your individual style.

Fashion is changing all the time and it might be exhausting to always be up-to-date. This is why it´s so important to promote the trends before everyone else is wearing them. Check out our new collection to create an unforgettable outfit for your fashion adventure.

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