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Best Fabrics to Wear During Hot Summer Days

Walking in the street on a hot sunny day is not fun. As soon as the summer approaches, we need to start adjusting to new temperatures.

When you go shopping remember that your first priority is comfort. Opt for lightweight, airy fabrics that will feel and look beautiful. After all, summer should be all about tanning, holidays and good times.


If you want your skin to breathe and feel more natural, you should definitely consider wearing more cotton fabrics. It absorbs moisture better than other materials therefore will help you stay fresh all day without feeling too hot.

When you choose cotton clothes, go for light colours. The heat will go through the material and increase air circulation. Cotton is very delicate and it can be worn by anybody who has sensitive skin. It’s the perfect fabric for lingerie because it prevents allergies and body odour.


Mesh is a very popular material for spring and summer. Despite what we may think it’s not only a great fabric for bikini cover ups. Just about every designer has been trying to include mesh in this season’s collection somehow.

It’s stylish and comfortable and you will definitely love wearing it during those hot summer afternoons. If you’re looking for inspiration, our cute floral dress will be a great fit for every occasion.


It’s a perfect fabric for summer dresses, skirts and tops. It’s comfortable and feminine. It suits all body types, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re a size 10 or 30. It will flatter your curves without being too tight and fitted.

If you’re planning a garden party with friends you must have our peg leg jersey trousers. Team them with any simple top and you will feel comfortable and trendy. This fabric will also make your curves look sexy so make sure that you have a few stylish pieces in your wardrobe.


Another great fabric for sunny days and hot weather. The fit is loose and relaxed therefore you will feel cooler even if the temperature rises.

Wearing trousers isn’t really recommended during summer. However, if you choose linen, you won’t have to worry about the heat. This light fabric will make you feel comfortable and chic.

Now, since you know a bit more about different textiles, you can easily choose airy outfits for all summer occasions. Stay cool and fabulous this season.

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