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Best Plus Size Outfits for Air Travel

Having a great holiday outfit might not be your concern most of the year but the moment you leave your house to board the plane, the fashion journey begins.

Celebrities love dressing in stylish clothes when traveling and so should you. Track bottoms and old t-shirts might be comfy but they will definitely won’t make a style statement.

It’s all about the Destination

If you’re unsure what to wear on the plane think about your destination. You don’t want to end up in a t-shirt and shorts if you’re going to Sydney in July. It’s still winter there even if in Europe we are already enjoying summer.

Instead, go for a nice pair of trousers and a jacket. When it comes to accessories remember that going through airport security can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not prepared. Wear flat ankle boots and a simple sweater. If you’re lucky, there is a chance you won’t to have to take them off.

Overnight Flights

When you have to spend the night on the plane, think about comfort first. A pair of leggings and a warm long-sleeve top is a perfect choice. Remember that at night the temperature in the cabin drops so keep a thicker cardigan close by to stay warm.

If you’re traveling at night you can also bring your favourite jersey blouse and a pair of knee high socks for more comfort. Just don’t forget to change before landing.

Goddess on Arrival

Remember that 30 minutes before arrival everybody wants to start getting ready, therefore if you want to brush your hair or reapply make-up, plan it ahead.

When leaving the plane you want to look fresh and fabulous. At this time you can wear a cute summer dress with sandals or a playsuit with wedges. For chilly weather consider our midi dress with a sexy long split. Wear it over your favourite jeans and make your curves look incredible.

In the old days women used to choose impeccable outfits to travel by air and they respected an elegant dress code. Since then the times have changed and you don’t to have to wear a formal outfit on the plane, however there’s no reason not to look fabulous. Bon Voyage!

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