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Career Wardrobe Staples, Part 2: The Accessories

Just as important as the black trousers and properly fitting blazer are the little details that tell a prospective or new employer that you are worthy of their consideration. Our plus size dresses and trousers are the perfect starting point for your wardrobe, but you need to pay attention to everything that will be visible, especially during an interview. Look at everything you’re presenting from an outsider’s perspective, from your hair to your bag to your shoes. As the employment site notes, you aren’t going to get a job based solely on your appearance, but you could certainly lose one because of it. Don’t put yourself out of the running.

A structured tote

Why are standard laptop cases so ugly? Ditch them and invest in an attractive, structured bag that can hold that laptop and other necessary items. You don’t have to spend hundreds on, say, a leather tote, but remember that this will get a lot of use and you don’t want seams that fray or details that pop off. A durable fabric, quality stitching, and pockets to keep you organised will do the trick.


A grown-up wallet or clutch

If you have to pull out a wallet in a professional setting, you really don’t want to display some tattered, overstuffed old thing. Again, no need to spend hundreds on this accessory, but look at the one you have with a fresh eye. Does it represent the professional self you’re hoping to project?


The shoes

Classic mid-height black pumps always make wardrobe-staples lists, but these might not be the best choice for the interview; your shoes need to be comfortable and of a height and style that you are actually able to walk in, because you don’t know what might happen during the process. Chunky-heel loafers in patent leather look great with suits and work-appropriate dresses are easy to walk in. Don’t wear shoes that are down at the heel.


Hair, nails, jewellery

Your goal here should simply be to minimise distractions. A makeover and a manicure is not necessary. As mentioned above, you just don’t want to put yourself out of contention because your tongue piercing is so distracting to an interviewer.


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