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Dressing a Full Figure for a First Spring Date

Part of the fun of getting ready for a date is pampering yourself and shopping for your outfit. A first impression is important and should not be underestimated. Wearing something incredible can set the tone for the evening, but should also make you feel confident and powerful.

On a first date you dress your full figure in a look that speaks for itself. Take advantage of the fact that spring is around the corner and there is less need for big coats and warm layers.

To start off, give yourself enough time to pay special attention to your skin and hair.

The Magic Touch

Eliminate any imperfections with smoothing facials and hydrating masks. If you’re a nature lover, you can use products from your own fridge according to your skin’s needs:

  • Dry skin- papaya, honey and oats
  • Clean Pores- honey, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda
  • Oily skin- lemon, avocado, egg white
  • Dull skin- crushed aspirins, apple cider vinegar, water

When it comes to cosmetics always remember to keep it simple and fresh. A light routine will allow you to show off clean pores and skin that breathes. Try to look very natural; a bit of mascara, juicy lip gloss and light blush. Don’t try too hard, just be yourself.

Gorgeous Hair

The third important step is to organise the mess on your head. Yes, we all want to be able to say “I woke up like this” but the truth is, you have to work a bit to look fabulous.

For hair inspiration, check out Pinterest and YouTube. There are endless numbers of photos and tutorials on how to create a stunning look in just seconds; from simple to complicated if you have more time.

Wardrobe Dilemma

When it comes to your clothing, choose something that is comfortable yet glamourous. You want him to be absolutely speechless, don’t you? Before you choose your outfit, ask for specific details about the date. It’s important to dress properly and according to the plans.

A Casual yet Sexy Look

A jumpsuit is a hot option if you want to feel comfy and sexy at the same time. You can easily team it with some sparky accessories and wedges.

If you prefer more girlie look, consider a pink skirt and simple top. In case it gets chilly, bring a cardigan to slip on as well.

Classic Sophistication

A dress is consistently one of the best options when it comes to elegance. Both maxi and mid-knee dresses can create the perfect first date outfit for a full figure. Just add a pair of comfortable high heels.

A black dress is great if you want be dramatic and mysterious but for spring a deep blue, purple or even teal dress can be a lovely alternative, especially on warmer days. A simple dress can always be dressed up with great accessories, so do not be afraid to go with a more streamlined design.

Last but not least, put on a cheeky smile and have fun!

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