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Holiday Plus Size Playsuits & Jumpsuits

If you’re going on a holiday, packing light is key, but you don’t want to compromise your fashion sense. Playsuits and jumpsuits are trendy and can easily be transitioned from day to night. Simple switching of our shoes and jewellery can change your whole look. Get your plus size clothing today.


  1. Jumpsuit for the flight. Depending on your destination, your flight could be a long, uncomfortable one. Before hopping on the plane, throw on the Velva Lounge Sleeveless Harem Jumpsuit with a cardigan. This jumpsuit will keep you cool and comfortable. Wear trainers or slip-on sandals to make travelling easier.
  1. A day at the beach. Put on your swimming costume and the Ellis Patterned Wrap Playsuit as a flirty cover-up. Hit the beach clubs, restaurants or the waves in this fun, versatile outfit.
  1. If you’re out and about taking in the sights, the Mamie Strapless Jumpsuit is perfect. Visit museums, revel in the architecture and mingle with the locals in this number. Don a floppy hat to keep out the rays and you just might get mistaken for a celebrity.
  1. Fancy dinner, drinks and dancing. You’ll want to be comfortable but eye-catching as well and nothing gets a reaction quite like the Margurite Mesh Insert Jumpsuit. It’s classic and leaves just enough to the imagination. It’s completely appropriate for a holiday with your parents or even a little inappropriate (no bad thing!) for a trip with the girls.


Jumpsuits and playsuits are the perfect holiday getaway outfit. They are easy to pack, lightweight and great for just about any activity that you plan to do. Get one in every colour and style from Pink Clove UK.

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