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How to Create Your Own Boho Style

Nowadays, style can be as powerful as beliefs and state of mind. It’s not only about clothes anymore. When you use words like “hipster” or “boho” there is no need for explanation.

In modern culture bohemian style is related to having an artistic soul and free spirit. The style is so well-known that it has been interpreted by many celebrities including the Olsen sisters and Sienna Miller.

At Pink Clove we understand that fashion is for everyone. If you want to express yourself using the bohemian chic trend, browse through our site and connect 70s vintage-hippie style with modern funky elements of plus size fashion.

Find Your Own Personality

Boho style is so much more than just an outfit, it’s a lifestyle. It celebrates your individual taste and character. Fashion should never intimidate you; on the contrary it should help you define yourself.

Don’t worry about outside opinions – Boho-chic style doesn’t follow anyone else, it exists separately and shouldn’t be affected by judgments or criticism.

Freedom in Style

You may think that boho is all about wearing flowers in your hair and leather sandals. The truth is that this style can be as elegant and sophisticated as any other. You just need to know how to mix and match your clothes in the right way.

Start with Colours

A very important element of bohemian fashion is earthy shades. Here you can choose all browns, blacks, dark greens and creamy whites. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to these particular hues but they can create a good base and inspiration. You can then add anything else you like if it enhances your outfit.

Boho-chic is all about floral patterns, lace and wide leg trousers. The style itself is relaxed and very feminine. It can also be easily dressed up according to the occasion.

Hair and Accessories

Bohemian add-ons are mostly influenced by nature and ethnic roots. Wooden beaded necklaces or sets of bracelets, for example, will perfectly complement a boho-chic outfit. Accessories will only enhance your look and make it complete.

This is also a great opportunity to wear any fun items that catch your eye- from a furry vest and cowboy boots to embroidered jackets and big hats.

When it comes to hair, anything natural and feminine will work great with this style. Go for a cute messy bun or create loose waves with a few plaits to make it fun.

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