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How to Look Like a Celebrity Without Spending a Fortune

Birkin bags, runway fashion collections, jewellery from Harry Winston and glamorous parties; in a short version this is the everyday life of famous people. We see them on the red carpet or magazine covers and admire their impeccable look.

However, what we don’t see is a behind the scene work of many people who actually run the show. But don’t worry with some time and right techniques you can also look like a superstar.

Hair and Make-up

Celebrities always have big-volume hair with modern colours and naturally looking highlights. In reality however, everything looks different. Instead of the glamour imagine tons of extensions and products that cause discolouring and bleaching.

If you want to achieve the same effect without all drastic treatments, use some of your beauty time to work on this transformation. Have a new haircut or refresh the colour. Roots will only make you look older and neglected.

You can also try some new hairstyles. They don’t cost a thing and can be very effective in achieving a new fabulous look.

Watch make-up tutorials on YouTube and check what´s perfect for your skin tone and eye colour. Take notes of all the cosmetics used in a video and head over to the shop to find their less-expensive substitutes.

Dress to Impress

You don´t need to spend your entire salary to feel great in your clothes. You also don’t have to be a size 0 to be sexy and attractive. Nowadays whatever you see in fashion magazines you can easily find in plus size versions all over high street and the Internet.

New trends are all about 70´s floral dresses, asymmetrical tops with cigarette trousers and flattering jumpsuits. They might not be Prada or Dolce but they will look equally beautiful on you.

For the money you would spend on one designer outfit you can buy a few skirts, a nice pair of shoes and glamorous sunglasses; all at reasonable prices.

At Pink Clove we love plus-size fashion and we know how important it is for women to feel comfortable and confident with their bodies. Browse through our website and find gorgeous outfits that will make you feel like a red carpet celebrity.

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