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How to Piece Together an Outfit

We aren’t all born with the natural ability or sharp eye to piece together an outfit. It takes time, patience, creativity and some organisational skills. But we have all done that sifting through of our wardrobe, thinking “I have nothing to wear.” Perhaps we just have nothing that we WANT to wear. We’ve played out all of our best outfits and honestly, we’re just bored.

Give your wardrobe some new life by learning to piece together an outfit with our plus size tops and plus size skirts. With this, you can create new outfits and perhaps a new style.

In order to save on time, organise and plan before implementing any strategies. Go through and organise your wardrobe and drawers. Clean out clothes that you know you won’t wear and create a system for yourself. This will make the decision-making process even easier.


  • pink-clove-plus-janet-ribbed-midi-skirt-p702-6147_imageChoose your event/errand
  1. Where are you going?
  2. Do you want to be comfortable?
  3. Is there a dress code?
  4. Is this a professional event or meeting?
  5. How do you want to feel? Edgy? Girly? Sexy?
  6. What’s the weather like?
  7. How will you be getting to where you are going?
  8. Are there any other details you should consider?


Answer these questions first and then proceed with choosing your outfit.

  •  Choose a base (your 1st layer of clothing)- Pick your top and bottom. Choose something that suits your personality and preference, meaning, if you love bright patterns, go for it. Or if you prefer neutrals, that’s OK too. Remember, you’ll also want to choose your underwear depending on what you are wearing. Maybe a nude or strapless bra, depending on the bases you’ve chosen. While picking your base, keep the answers to your questions from step 1 in mind.
  • Add layers- If you are choosing to keep your outfit simple and weather isn’t an issue, skip this step. Start with pieces that will be worn closest to your body and then work your way out. Start with thin and add thickness as you go. Mix it up with lengths, fabrics, colours and patterns. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy. Your layering of pieces such as shirts, cardigans, jumpers, vests and blazers, will depend on what you’ve already chosen.
  • Choose shoes- Shoes can make or break an outfit. Your shoes should relate to the rest of your outfit and mood. We want them to be practical and comfortable.
  • Accessorise- Accessories can take your outfit to a new level. Determine what you would like to highlight on your body and what you are comfortable wearing.

Use these tips to piece together the perfect outfit for any occasion. This formula should make it easier, will save you loads of time, and will make your wardrobe feel exciting again.

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