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How to Wear Jumpsuits

How to Wear Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are one of the latest crazes to hit the runways and you’ve surely seen them out and about. Like a dress, they offer the convenience of being able to slip into one item (no having to match tops to bottoms!) and then just accessorising to suit your mood.

Having seen this trend, however, many of us may be wondering if we can rock the look; if it will work for our figure, stay comfortable throughout the day and above all, make us look and feel fabulous. Rest assured that jumpsuits aren’t just for catwalk models- here we tell you how to do a jumpsuit right.

Accentuate your Waist

Jumpsuits work best when they draw in the waist using either a front tie or belt- you decide how thick or thin. Most of the population is better off steering clear of any drop-waist or deeply plunging neckline jumpsuits; we’re talking about real women and every-day wear and those designs just aren’t practical.

Pretty Draping Fabrics

Whether you go with an elegant solid colour or bright print, the fabric of your jumpsuit should drape elegantly over your curves. Anything tighter and you could feel constricted or become uncomfortable as the day wears on.

Have Fun with Shoes and Accessories

As with almost any outfit, a pair of heels always helps lift everything up and dress up the look. Pretty flats are fine too, but stay away from any sandals that are just too casual unless you’re heading for the beach or a day at the park; you’ll risk looking like you’re stepping out in your PJs.

If your jumpsuit is already a statement look (read, plunging neckline, bold print, etc.) then take it easy on the jewellery. If you’re brightening up a simple jumpsuit you can work in some sparkly earrings or a bright chunky necklace or bracelet.

The rules for playsuits (short jumpsuits) are essentially the same-just bronze up those legs and you’re ready to go!

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