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Learning Confidence from Plus Size Models

Plus size models are an incredible inspiration to many women in the world. They have this self-confidence that proves that any woman at any size can be beautiful and successful.

If you’re having trouble accepting yourself, simply by observing these brave women you can learn how to love your body and overcome insecurities.

Focus On Your Personality Not Your Size

When you first meet someone, make sure to show them the real you before you start worrying about your body shape. The truth is that if you’re a nice and warm person no one will even pay attention to your size. Do you know why? Because it really doesn’t matter.

Laugh and crack jokes or be quiet if you want to but never let the opportunity to show your great personality pass you by, simply because you think you’re not good enough.

Love Plus Size Fashion

Dress to impress and don’t worry about imperfections. Don’t wear loose tops and baggy sweaters just because you think that floral dresses and jumpsuits only look good on a size 2. Change the way you see yourself and become a fashion queen. Check our new arrivals and find a stunning outfit that will complement your curves.

Wear colours and trendy accessories and feel fabulous every day. Stop focusing on your size and start living. Go out and have fun with your friends, flirt with whoever you want or smile at people in the street.

Don’t Give Up

Plus size model Toccara Jones might have missed her victory in America’s Next Top Model but she has achieved a lot since then. Tess Holliday went from a bullied teen to a plus size star on the cover of People Magazine.

These women are beautiful and confident but most importantly they fight for who they are. They are living proof that anybody can achieve their dreams if they work hard.

Size is just a number and you have to learn to see it this way. Beautiful model Fluvia Lacerda once said: “The best result out of all the hard work I have achieved is knowing that I have liberated the minds of so many women who have struggled with a negative body image their entire lives.”

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