Style Tips

Long Hair Affair

Sadly, as the winter brings rain,winds and storms, styling  our barnet becomes a challenge! Especially with long hair.

Here are a few pretty and practical hairstyles we recommend, in order to remain immaculate and combat the “birds’ nest effect”. Team these looks with a lip gloss and a lovely Pink Clove dress for maximum impact.

  • A cute double braids hairstyle a’ la Rachel Adams stops those stray hairs from flying all over the place. Keep it tight and add a flower to brighten up the work place.
  • The double knot pony is absolutely wind proof and slick. Add a small amount of gel to keep those sides locked in for this cool and slightly grungy Nineties look.
  • The double bun, as fashioned by Laura Bailey, is not just for Harajuku girls. This hairstyle niftily keeps hair out of the face, looks good with a winter headband and can easily take you from day to night.
  •  The Fifties Pin-Up look injects some old school ladylike appeal to any outfit. Check out this tutorial video and see how simple it is to achieve for yourself here: . Keep it slick with hairspray and a couple of pins to stop those stray hairs when the weather attacks.

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