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Packing for a Romantic Getaway

Going away for a weekend with your partner gives you an opportunity to relax and leave all you worries behind. No more working, cleaning or running errands; just you, him and an exciting adventure.

The only thing that can seem challenging at this point can be packing. What should you take? Flats or heels? Trousers or shorts?

Questions never stop. You might not be able to predict all of the weather conditions and bring every possible outfit but having at least the essentials should help you survive the trip.

Decide on Location

When you know the plans for the weekend you can start picking your outfits. Check the weather forecast for the next few days in your destination and pack accordingly. Be smart and bring a few key pieces that can be easily mixed and matched.

Go for a simple top with shorts or team any plain leggings with a cute tunic. Make sure you have a few colours to refresh the look every day. For any picnic or strolls in the park bring a nice airy dress and a pair of sandals or flats. They can save your life if you´re planning to do some sightseeing for a few hours.

For the evening you should definitely pack a few elegant dresses and high heels. Don´t forget to take a cardigan or a blazer in case it becomes chilly later at night.

But most importantly, don´t forget about your special lingerie. After all it is a romantic weekend gateway…T-shirts and old sweatpants are absolutely not allowed.

Additional Essentials

Don´t forget to pack your favourite accessories and a beauty bag with make-up items. Even a plain black dress will look more sophisticated with a sparkly silver necklace and a matching bracelet.

If you´re having problems packing, think about your daily routine. Take your straightener and hair bands if you can´t leave your house without a proper up-do. Bring candles and relaxing music to create a truly idyllic atmosphere and disconnect from the outside world.

A romantic weekend for two is a great way to reconnect and spend some time away from your familiar routine. It´s also a good moment to shop for a new outfit. Our new Pink Clove collection is all about comfortable fabrics and truly feminine designs that will help you create perfect plus-size outfits for your trip.

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