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Plus Size Clothing for Any Age

As young women we often love experimenting with clothes and fashion. This is also a time when we may suffer from body issues and insecurities.

Ironically, as we grow older and finally learn how to appreciate our shape we may become too preoccupied with responsibilities to really pay attention to fashion and trends.

Every woman wants to feel attractive despite her age. In order to do so we can leave all fashion dictums behind and focus on creating a beautiful plus size look at all stages in life.


This age doesn’t really have any limits. You can wear anything really!

Being in your 20s also means that you rarely care about being appropriate or “politically correct”. It’s the best time to try out different combinations and commit fashion faux pas. Soon no one will remember them, so instead of always being right, be adventurous.

Right now you’re trying to form your style and define yourself. Try out different items in the fashion world and see what suits you best. There may be times when you look back at old photos and think, “What was I thinking?”, but you can also use this time to begin learning which items of clothing really suit you.

Learning which cuts flatter your figure, which colours look best with your skin tone and what you feel most comfortable with can help you lay the foundation for a beautiful sense of style throughout the years.


You finally understand your needs and have the ability to express them, using words of fashion. At this time your shopping routine may be more about quality than quantity.

You do understand the importance of trends but you no longer follow them blindly. When you reach your 30s you can bring some sophistication into your style without look pretentious. Elegant plus size jackets and skirts won’t seem too serious anymore.

With a little luck, this sophistication also comes with a bigger budget at this stage of life. Smart dresses, trousers and tailored suits may be desirable now, however you don’t have to limit yourself. You can still take advantage of the latest trends.


You almost know it all; you have embraced your age and are celebrating your wisdom. You probably pay a bit more attention to your physical and mental health and take more pleasure out of little treats every now and then.

You love your body and appreciate it more, but at this point you can still go for edgy looks and brighter colours. Do not assume that they are now inappropriate because you passed a certain age. These so-called rules do not apply unless you let them.

Take a look at this season’s must-have checked jackets and matching plus size cigarette trousers for inspiration.


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