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Plus Size Clothing Made in Britain

Finding good quality clothing for a low price is almost impossible with today’s culture of overseas sweatshops and “disposable” fashion. The easy option of cheap overseas labour, inadequate synthetic materials and low running costs create such a huge profit margin – even on the cheapest of clothes – that it is a temptation many companies just can’t resist.

However, not all brands are created the same.

At Pink Clove every single one of our items is designed and made in the UK with attention to detail from a work force that have a passion for fashion and clothing. Each garment is individually inspected and crafted on a low scale system meaning every piece is perfect.

By choosing to use a UK work force, Pink Clove’s customers can be reassured the staff are treated correctly, fairly and paid a legal and reasonable wage – whereas other brands may leave doubt about the goings on behind closed doors.

Pink Clove is unique to the UK market, and now the rest of the world with a global delivery service, as they offer high quality and well produced items – that will last – for an affordable cost.

It can be a risk to put your trust in a new online brand, especially if they have low prices – however with the UK’s strict work and product regulations you can be reassured, despite the low cost, that Pink Clove is a quality that will last and a brand you will choose time and time again.

Unlike some plus size brands, at Pink Clove we have done our research into what women want as well as the best textile techniques to sculpt curves into their best form, rather than just making larger sizes. Our plus size dresses and other items both complement and enhance your best assets, whilst disguising problem areas, or areas you may become uncomfortable with.

Pink Clove is a brand that offers on trend styles, at high street prices whilst maintaining designer quality – it is a brand you will choose time and time again.

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