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Plus Size Maxi Dresses: Autumn’s Best Friend

If you’re off to college in the day, or out shopping on a weekend and you know you don’t have a chance to run home and change before an evening engagement, getting your outfit right is key to feeling great and in the mood all day long – there is nothing worse than feeling terrible because you’re too hot or too cold.

With the UK’s unpredictable weather, dressing for the season is difficult at the best of times and now the days are cooler it can be difficult to decide on an outfit that will work both in the day and at night, without you feeling uncomfortable.

In autumn, maxi skirts are a girl’s best friend. Unlike maxi dresses that can be difficult to style warmer clothing with maxi skirts can be teamed with almost anything.

In the day team your plus size maxi dress with a pair of converse and a cute floral cardigan, accessorise appropriately with matched jewellery and enjoy the warmer days before the weather really does take a big turn for the worse.

Maxi dresses are perfect for keeping you cool in a stuffy carriage on a commute, whilst walking throughout the day and in stuffy work spaces. The loose fabric will protect your pins from a chilling wind, whilst allowing enough air to keep you cool and comfortable at all times.

To transform a plus size maxi dress into evening wear simply pack a pair of pretty flats or small heels and a cute jacket into your bag to change into. Reapply your make up in the mirror at work or college and swap your jewellery for something more elegant, lastly use a scarf to keep your neck warm – choose something lightweight and appropriate for your destination. The change in shoes and addition of a jacket will glamourize day wear and you’ll feel warm and comfortable, whilst looking great, all day and night long.


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