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Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for a plus size wedding dress for any bride can be a daunting experience. What’s your style? How do you want to look on your big day? How do you want to feel? Do you have a specific designer in mind?


It can be especially difficult to shop for the perfect dress when you’re a plus size woman, so when you’re out on the journey to find “The Dress” keep a few of these things in mind.


  1. Have you always dreamed of wearing a designer dress? Just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean you should discount your favourite designer. Many designers make dresses in larger sizes and will often fit a plus size gal. Or if they don’t fit, find the design you love and have it made. It might not be Vera Wang but it will be A La You.
  1. Call bridal salons in advance. In every bridal salon, more than likely you’ll be trying on sample sizes and those usually aren’t catered to the curvier woman. Call ahead before your appointment and see if they have larger sizes. The sample sizes still might not fit but at least you should be able to gauge what it’ll look like in your size and if you’ll like it or not. Finding a wedding dress at any size is difficult, but being plus size can bring other issues.
  1. Be open to different styles. More often than not, you’ll end up choosing something different to what you had your mind set on, anyway. When it comes to wedding dresses, you really don’t know what looks good on you until you try it on. So don’t say “no” to everything, just try to keep an open mind. You might be surprised.
  1. Wear the wedding day undergarments. You might not have the exact undergarments you plan on wearing on the big day, but remember to wear something neutral and a strapless bra if you have your heart set on a strapless dress.
  1. Bring a reliable shopping partner. This is a huge decision for you. It’s not just any dress, it’s THE dress. You’ll be seeing this dress in photos for years to come and you’ll want to remember it as the best dress you ever put on your body. You need a friend or family member there that will tell you the truth. You don’t want someone there that will steal your thunder, but someone that will support you and tell you when you look fabulous!


Shopping for a wedding dress isn’t easy and takes some time for most. Go into the process with a clear and open mind. Use these 5 tips to prepare yourself for the shopping that’s ahead and don’t get discouraged – in the end you will come out with the dress of your dreams!

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