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Prints in Plus Size

For ages we’ve been told that as plus size women we shouldn’t wear this and we shouldn’t wear that. Horizontal stripes make us appear wider and patterns are too busy. Well prints do not make you look fat. In fact, with the right print they can actually make a plus size woman look even better.


Here at Pink Clove we choose prints that are on trend, flattering, comfortable and fabulous.


Prints and patterns don’t necessarily make you look skinny but certain solids and fabrics can reveal every lump and bulge we would prefer to disguise. The perfect print, whether it be a dress, skirt or trouser can be like camouflage because the right print will busy the eye and won’t focus on all those areas you tend to dislike.


So when you’re buying prints, what should you look for?


  1. The size of prints- The right size print depends on the colours and contrast in the pattern. You should avoid any print that looks like a toddler should be wearing it.


  1. All over print and placement- Does the pattern blend or do you see background? If you see background, you’ll want to make sure the placement of the pattern is flattering to your shape. If the pattern is near your face, the colour needs to flatter your complexion.


  1. Geometric or floral? Some clothes are structured and look better with geometric prints while bouncy and flowy fabrics look better with romantic prints such as florals. For most, you can determine if their body looks better with structured or flowy clothing.


  1. Bright or subtle prints? Wear whatever you are comfortable with and whatever complements your skin colour.


  1. Top, bottom or all over prints? At times, a little bit of print goes a long way when camouflaging or flattering your figure. Other times, overall print looks best, it can depend on the individual and the outfit. If you’re top heavy go for a solid top and printed bottoms and the opposite if you are bottom heavy.


Remember, the rules have been thrown out when it comes to plus size shopping. What once was is no longer but we should consider the tips that are given to us when it comes to fashion.

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