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Sleeping Cool

No one likes to complain about the heat, when it is such a rare occurrence – however,there is no denying that it can be uncomfortable when we’re not used to it.

Whether you’re off on holiday somewhere sunny or you’re just enjoying the unusual warm weather by delving into your summer wardrobe, getting some sleep at night can be difficult when you’re not used to it.

But you shouldn’t let it keep you up at night! There are some great and cheap ways to stay cool all summer in your home, without installing an AC unit that will be turned on for two weeks a year.

Make your own AC 

AC is expensive to buy, install and run in your home and for most people it is too much of an expense when the product is only used for up to a month every year. However, when it is hot and you step into your local supermarket you can’t help but wish you could stay under the AC unit for the rest of the day.

Whilst AC might not be available in your home, the next best thing is – and it is affordable and easy to introduce to any home and there are many ways to do it. The easiest and cheapest is to simply place a bowl of ice in front of your fan – the air will blow over the ice and introduce cooler air into your room.

If you fancy building a more powerful or permanent air conditioner, this self-help video from the states shows you how to build one for just $5 (about £3.50), whilst this wikihow page gives you a range of options to build yourself with recycled items from around your home. 

Freeze your Bed Sheets 

Even in rooms without sun facing windows, our beds can get pretty warm in the heat – that common “under the covers is too hot, outside of the covers is too cold” dilemma can mean we spend hours tossing and turning before we actually get any real rest.

If your bed sheets are dry, place them folder in the freezer in the morning and place back on your bed and you get ready to go to sleep. Our legs and heads are what seem to feel hottest first; if you only have a little space in your freezer, place your bed sheets and pillow cases inside – if you can cool down your head and legs the rest of your body will follow.

Close your Curtains 

Coming home to a dark house isn’t pleasant – especially when it is so beautiful outside, however keeping your curtains closed during the day helps to keep the heat outside and prevents your home from heating up. Whilst opening them at night will give the cooler air a chance to come in and the hotter air to leave.


Whilst it might be tempting to strip off before you bed down in the hotter evenings, it will actually make you feel hotter. In this heat PJ’s are a girl’s best friend. Don’t worry about investing in a new pair, just pull out your summer cotton PJ’s and put the fluffy winter ones away!! Cotton will absorb sweat and heat, leaving your bed sheets dry and comfortable!

Drink More Water 

No one’s favourite drink is water, but in this heat drinking fizzy drinks and fruit juices won’t have the same effect as drinking some ice cold water – and did you know ladies, the colder the water, the more calories you will burn as your body heats it up to body temperature!

If you really can’t stand the taste of water add a slice of lemon, buy some squash to flavour the water slightly or blend water, ice, your favourite fruit and a teaspoon of sweetener – then blend and enjoy!!

Are any of you lucky ladies off anywhere nice this summer – we want to know! Let us know on our social media pages and send us pictures of you enjoying the beach in our new summer wear ranges for a chance to be featured on our blog or facebook page! Enjoy your summer girls!!

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