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Smart Fashion Tips for Broke Girls

It happens to all of us from time to time: you open your wallet and see….nothing. You paid all your bills and the fridge is full of food but your wardrobe had to compromise this month. It’s all fine until you suddenly have a date or a birthday dinner ahead and nothing to wear.

Not having a big budget doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy and stylish. If you understand the rules of fashion and follow simple tips you can put together an outfit that looks great and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  1. Use One Key Piece

If you want to buy something new but you can’t really afford a total make over, make the right choices. Go for one piece that will look fabulous and build a whole outfit around it.

Purchase a dress or a trendy jumpsuit. To complete the look simply add a pair of strappy sandals and attention-grabbing accessories.

Suddenly without even realising it, you look stunning and everybody complements your carefully selected outfit. You can mix and match this new piece with warm cardigans and fashionable scarves. Change your hair style or add-ons and people will never notice you’ve repeated the key item.

  1. Did Someone Say Sale?

This magic word is understood by women all over the world. It’s also a great solution if you don’t have a big budget for a new outfit.

Check out our sale section and browse a wide range of fashionable plus size clothing at reasonable prices. The trick here is to find a few items that can be teamed together. If you buy a top and a pair of leggings, you can easily pair them with clothes from your own closet and create original style.

  1. Fun with Add-Ons

When you think about it, our lives would be very boring and simple without accessories. They are every girl’s best friend when it comes to creating a perfect outfit. Even old clothes will look refreshed when you add a glamourous necklace and a pair of metallic leather loafers.

Use a thin belt with any simple black or white dress and see how it accentuates your waist. Draw attention to a trendy clutch and nobody will notice that you’re wearing the same trousers again. At the end of the day it’s all about being smart and creative!

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