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Sporty Apparel for the Plus Size Gal

Anywhere you go, comfort is key. The good news? Athletic wear such as sweaters, joggers, hoodies and trainers are in style. These days you can piece together a comfortable, but trendy, plus size top and bottom without breaking out into a sweat.


With the help of Pink Clove and our new arrivals, dressing with comfort and style in mind has never been easier.


Pair our favourite sporty picks with your best pair of trainers and you’ll strut through your day with poise and grace.


  1. Anika Lounge Mesh Insert Hoodie. This hoodie is soft, relaxed and goes great with any pair of joggers or wet leggings. It’s short-sleeved for all-around comfort and perfect for jet setting or a Saturday out shopping. The mesh insert is stylish and airy.
  1. Katrina Lounge Mesh Insert Leggings. Wear them to the gym for a stylish workout or to brunch with the girlfriends. Pair with any top, jumper, cardigan or hoodie. Stretchy and lightweight make for the most comfortable clothing. Trainers recommended.
  1. Suriya Lounge Jersey Harem Pants. It doesn’t get any softer than jersey material and a stretch waist. Don’t feel squeezed with a tight waist and stiff fabric. These Harem pants are fixed with turn-up cuffs and a relaxed fit. A feminine pink pairs well with any colour top, trainers or sandals.
  1. Kelly Geo Mesh Insert Body. Slip this body suit on and you’ll never want to take it off. Don’t worry about shirts rising up and showing skin. This body suit stays in place and looks great on. The mesh insert adds a little bit of sexy and sport to the ensemble.
  1. Celia Jersey Harem Jumpsuit. So, so comfortable. It’ll feel you’ve just got out of bed and wrapped a sheet around you. The harem drop crotch and jersey material feel like you’re practically wearing nothing. After your day with no clothing issues, toss it in the wash with the rest.


Depending on the nature of your activity, you can get away with wearing sporty apparel to just about anywhere.

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