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Spring Makeup 2016

Although the seventies are coming back in some of this year’s spring clothing collections, the eighties are apparently where it’s at in the makeup department. Or was it the nineties? Early noughties? Whatever the trend, Pink Clove is your source. Try some of these makeup looks with one of our plus size dresses for spring.

Don’t Wax. Regardless of the palette, one thing that was noticeable across all the looks shown on the spring runways was great big eyebrows. Tidied up around the edges but in no way controlled or artificially arched, these were brows to be proud of.

Bronze. Maybe it’s all the anticipation of this summer’s Olympic games in Brazil, but as we mentioned in our Fashion Week post, bronze the colour and the powder was all over the place. If you’re inclined toward this end of the spectrum, you’ll be up to minute with a shimmery powder even in the daytime.

Go blue. Here’s where the eighties came calling. Blue eyeshadow, liner, mascara: if you’ve been eyeing those BareMinerals eyeshadows in shades of peacock, now’s the time to wear one or even two. What do you think – is the blue mascara just too much?

Go red. Or fuschia. Big colourful lips were prominent, some in classic 1940s style, some in berry and wine-stained looks. The makeup artists kept things balanced, pairing the red lips with subtle eyes, and the blue eye makeup with pale lips.

Accessorise from the neck up. Several designers showed faces with beaded accessories hanging down, pearly dots stuck on around the eyes, or carnival-like glitter paint. For hair, you can safely let out your inner Stevie Nicks for spring. Just air dry, give it a twist, and pin it back with big flowery barrettes, metallic hair jewelry, or even real flowers.

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