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Style Tips for the Curvy Woman

“Curvy is the new black”

Well ladies, after many years of the stick thin fashion model dominating the catwalk, top magazines and designers have been campaigning to bring curves back to the fashion industry.

Thanks to curvy inspirations, such as Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea taking over main stream and social media it is clear to see that you don’t need to be stick thin in order to show off your body – or be found attractive by men.  

Dressing well is key to looking and feeling great about yourself, giving you the tools to step out in style and with buckets of confidence. So ladies, it’s time to embrace your curves and enhance all your best assets. 


Your underwear is the most important part of any outfit. Buying a bra and briefs that fit perfectly are essential for shaping your silhouette – the base for your outfit. Over 80% of women in the UK wear the wrong sized bra. An ill-fitting bra will do your body no favours
and create unnatural lumps and bumps underneath your clothing.

Head down to your local curvy bra retailer and allow them to point you in the right direction for the best bras for your body shape, outfit choices and size. Ensure your briefs are not too small – after all no one wants a VPL (visible panty line). Control pants and shape wear can also be the perfect tool to add definition and smooth your curves – reducing the size and enhancing the curves where you need a little help.

Once you have the perfect underwear, you have the perfect canvas to dress up!

Avoid tight or baggy 

It can be difficult to get the balance right between tight and loose fitting clothing as a curvy woman. Going too baggy can create a large and shapeless silhouette that is unflattering and makes you appear much larger than you really are. However, going too far in the other direction can mean that your tighter outfits cling in all the wrong places and highlight lumps and bumps.

Tailored outfits are perfect for the curvy woman, something that is shaped to enhance your body instead of hindering it. Choose tailored styles that are brought in at the waist and fit loosely elsewhere – this helps to create or enhance an hour glass figure.

A line skirts, fitted blouses and tailored blazer style jackets are perfect for the office and can be dressed down for shopping trips and other more casual occasions.

Show off your best assets 

Curvy women are often very lucky in the breast department – however it isn’t always a good idea to follow the “if you have it, flaunt it” advice. Although if you must, just remember what your mother told you – “legs or chest”!

For those of you with hour glass figures, highlight your small waist with a waist belt. Choose a wide and structured belt to prevent it getting lost in your clothing when you sit down; a wider belt will also help to support the back of the wearer.

For those of you who are top heavy, it can be increasingly difficult to balance out your bottom half. However with something as simple as a skater or a line plus size dress will help to create the illusion of an hour glass figure, as opposed to top heavy.

Ladies who are pear shaped, you can easily slim down your lower curves with long pencil skirt and a tee in the same colour. The “one colour” look will elongate your figure. Try to find tops and t shirts with puffy sleeves or padded shoulders – this will help to balance your top half with the bottom.

Whatever your shape and whatever your style, Pink Clove has something to make every curvy woman look and feel their best, at all times. Visit our online store to see our full collections of day, night and lounge wear.



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