Sporty Apparel for the Plus Size Gal

Anywhere you go, comfort is key. The good news? Athletic wear such as sweaters, joggers, hoodies and trainers are in style. These days you can piece together a comfortable, but trendy, plus size top and bottom without breaking out into a sweat.   With the help of Pink Clove and our new arrivals, dressing with... Read More
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Spring Clean your Wardrobe

It’s not yet spring, one peek through your curtains will tell you that. But it is never too early to prepare your home for the oncoming season with an early spring clean. You don’t have to be a woman to know a wardrobe full of clothes can still mean you have nothing to wear, however... Read More
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Plus Size Clothing Made in Britain

Finding good quality clothing for a low price is almost impossible with today’s culture of overseas sweatshops and “disposable” fashion. The easy option of cheap overseas labour, inadequate synthetic materials and low running costs create such a huge profit margin – even on the cheapest of clothes – that it is a temptation many companies... Read More
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