The Comfiest of the Comfy

It’s still winter and it’s still cold and when the weather is dreary, rainy and at record low temperatures, dressing up just isn’t appealing. Luckily, with the arrivals of our new collection, you can appear beautiful and stylish without freezing your bum off. Take your pick from these 5 plus size must-have comfy pieces.  ... Read More
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Top Trends from Fashion Week 2016

Fashion week has just finished up and like every other season, we are seeing new fashion trends on the runway. Different designers, including those that show off their plus size clothing designs,  around the world have gathered in New York to reveal their most beloved work and designs for us commoners to see and envy.... Read More
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How to Piece Together an Outfit

We aren’t all born with the natural ability or sharp eye to piece together an outfit. It takes time, patience, creativity and some organisational skills. But we have all done that sifting through of our wardrobe, thinking “I have nothing to wear.” Perhaps we just have nothing that we WANT to wear. We’ve played out... Read More
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Plus Size Tops You Can Layer

The best part about cold weather fashion is layering. Take your wardrobe to a new level by upgrading your outfits with plus size tops and jumpers you can layer. Use layering to create a casual and effortless look or something fabulous and glam. Ladies Outing When heading out for an evening with the gals, go... Read More
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The Perfect (Affordable) LBD

We all know how important it is to find the perfect Little Black Dress. But we also all know how difficult it can be. We tend to dream and play up the evening in our heads: what we will wear, who we will go with and how much fun the party will be. We venture... Read More
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Appropriate and Trendy Work Attire

In an office setting it’s always best to abide by the company’s dress code policy. The dress code isn’t meant to annoy you or make it difficult for you but rather to project a certain image that best represents the company. It can sometimes be challenging to dress professionally, but if we choose the right... Read More
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New Arrivals and New Fabulous Styles

Our new collection is finally here and it features a fantastic range trendy looks for all sorts of different occasions. If you’re looking for stylish pieces to add to your autumn wardrobe, you should definitely check out our exciting clothing line for the new season. High-street trends are all about subtle colours and soft fabrics.... Read More
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Learning Confidence from Plus Size Models

Plus size models are an incredible inspiration to many women in the world. They have this self-confidence that proves that any woman at any size can be beautiful and successful. If you’re having trouble accepting yourself, simply by observing these brave women you can learn how to love your body and overcome insecurities. Focus On... Read More
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Plus Size Outfits that Express Your Fashion Style

If you think that every outfit you select is a matter of coincidence, you’re mistaken. We all have a special instinct that makes us attracted to certain clothes. We might be looking for comfort or glamour but the truth is that most of the time our style is directly connected to who we are. Thus... Read More
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Becoming a Real Trendsetter

You see a beautiful dress and you’re almost certain it would be a great match with the wedges you just bought but for some reason you decide not to buy it. The next day you notice the very same dress on your friend and it looks absolutely stunning…Story of your life? We all have a... Read More
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Plus Size Fashion Advice for the Modern Woman

Fashion for curvy women is more cutting edge than ever. Here at Pink Clove we are designing and producing catwalk-inspired pieces to make all of our clients look amazing. The following are a few tips to styling your figure to help you look your best on all occasions. First off it’s important to remember that... Read More
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