Ahoy, Matey: Breezy Looks for a Seaside Escape

Our Ada wrap-front belted jumpsuit is what got us thinking along nautical lines. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be boarding a boat of some sort before summer slips away into autumn, or maybe you’re just heading to a beach town somewhere. You’ll find the best basics in our plus size clothing line. Here are the... Read More
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Dresses That Flaunt Your Curves

We are done hiding and disguising. No more covering up curves, plump backsides or a busty chest or anything else society has told us to be ashamed of. Now is the time to show the world what you were born with or what you have worked hard for.   Choose plus size clothing that accentuates... Read More
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Being Confident and Body Positive

With all of the hate that’s in this world, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative comments that get thrown around and even to start believing them.   It’s important as women, and plus size women, that we stay positive and we form daily rituals that will enhance the way we think about... Read More
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Being Plus Size and Healthy: Not the Usual Take

Straight-size friends and family members always mask their discomfort with plus size people as concern about health, as if those plus size people simply couldn’t be fit or have the standard indicators of good health because, well, they don’t look the way healthy people look. Which is to say, not someone in plus size clothing.... Read More
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A Weekend Away

If those dreams of a long holiday across a large body of water somewhere just aren’t a reality at the moment, a quick getaway with some girlfriends can do wonders. Our shores are teeming with villages beckoning you to wander a little, enjoy the scenery, eat something delicious, and then retreat for a night of... Read More
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The Best Blush Colours for your Skin Complexion

Who knew that we’d have to think so much about our skin tone. What plus size top looks best with my eyes? What colour complements by eye colour? We’ve all been blessed with different skin tones and believe it or not, certain shades of blush complement certain skin complexions. Review this list to buy the... Read More
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2016 Wearable Fashion Trends

How often do we see runway trends that don’t really transition into real life? While they are gorgeous, stunning designs, it’s hardly reasonable to wear a see-through dress that shows all your lady bits around town or to the office!   We’ve compiled a list of actual wearable fashion trends for spring and summer of... Read More
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Every Day, Every Outfit Trainers

These days it’s all about style AND comfort. Happily, we are no longer ostracised for wearing trainers with dresses or smart clothing. There are so many options when it comes to trainers and an endless number of outfits to be made. So, if you haven’t taken the plunge into fashion and comfort, here is a... Read More
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Plus Size Dresses to Slip into Autumn

We’re already wanting to play around with the coming trends for fall and have a few items among our plus size dresses that will make the transition nicely. Keep your eyes peeled for fall must-have accessories and shoes to complete the look.   Stay Cosy Change up your thinking about what you can do with... Read More
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Hair and Makeup Tips from a Pro

We have plus size summer dresses to die for in our new arrivals, but what about the rest of the look? We can always use tips on refreshing our beauty routine or working a new look. This month, from the distant shores of San Francisco, California, we have some wise tips for the hair and... Read More
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Plus Size Ladies Are Changing the Game

Plus size ladies are always shaking up the fashion and model industry these days. We’ve got plus size models on our side such as Ashley Graham along with plus size fashion designers such as Ashley Nell Tipton.   These professionals and many, many more are always on the move when it comes to fashion trends... Read More
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Summer Dresses Are in Full Swing

While we know that our winter clothing is to die for, we also know that it’s time to show some legs! Our new arrivals are full of spring and summer clothing that is waiting to be worn.   If you’ve got sun, beach and sand on your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Here... Read More
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