Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2018

Even though it’s still cold outside the trendsetters and influencers of plus size fashion are already predicting what the newest trends will be for plus size clothing in 2018. Some of the looks that you love already will still be around in spring and summer of 2018 but there’s a few surprises on the hot... Read More
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Career Wardrobe Staples, Part 2: The Accessories

Just as important as the black trousers and properly fitting blazer are the little details that tell a prospective or new employer that you are worthy of their consideration. Our plus size dresses and trousers are the perfect starting point for your wardrobe, but you need to pay attention to everything that will be visible,... Read More
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Career Wardrobe Staples, Part 1

A certain blog writer here at Pink Clove once purchased a gorgeous shimmery blue and purple suit. With its tailored jacket, shoulder pads – this was the early ’90s – and tapered pants, it was, she thought, the attention-getting suit she needed for those first job interviews out of college. Then she met with a... Read More
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Sporty Apparel for the Plus Size Gal

Anywhere you go, comfort is key. The good news? Athletic wear such as sweaters, joggers, hoodies and trainers are in style. These days you can piece together a comfortable, but trendy, plus size top and bottom without breaking out into a sweat.   With the help of Pink Clove and our new arrivals, dressing with... Read More
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Holiday Plus Size Playsuits & Jumpsuits

If you’re going on a holiday, packing light is key, but you don’t want to compromise your fashion sense. Playsuits and jumpsuits are trendy and can easily be transitioned from day to night. Simple switching of our shoes and jewellery can change your whole look. Get your plus size clothing today.   Jumpsuit for the... Read More
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Being Confident and Body Positive

With all of the hate that’s in this world, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative comments that get thrown around and even to start believing them.   It’s important as women, and plus size women, that we stay positive and we form daily rituals that will enhance the way we think about... Read More
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Being Plus Size and Healthy: Not the Usual Take

Straight-size friends and family members always mask their discomfort with plus size people as concern about health, as if those plus size people simply couldn’t be fit or have the standard indicators of good health because, well, they don’t look the way healthy people look. Which is to say, not someone in plus size clothing.... Read More
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Rock the Red

A bold red lip is classic glamour but it isn’t the easiest look to pull off if you don’t have the patience (or the budget) to find the right shade. Here’s a quick guide to some reds to try for different skin tones, with affordable ways to try them. Almost any of them would look... Read More
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2016 Pink Clove Spring/Summer Must-Haves

Warm weather where are you? Here at Pink Clove we’ve done our best to provide you with the trendiest spring and summer fashions. From comfy sweats and playsuits to lovely solid and printed dresses. Whatever you are looking for, such as plus size skirts and tops, Pink Clove can provide.   Check out these 5... Read More
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2016 Wearable Fashion Trends

How often do we see runway trends that don’t really transition into real life? While they are gorgeous, stunning designs, it’s hardly reasonable to wear a see-through dress that shows all your lady bits around town or to the office!   We’ve compiled a list of actual wearable fashion trends for spring and summer of... Read More
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Body, Conscious

Let’s take a moment to be thankful that UK plus size bloggers have been at the vanguard of the body positive movement, and to hope that their reach extends much further. They serve as a valuable counterweight to social forces that are becoming more pervasive by the minute. Chances are you or someone you know... Read More
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Every Day, Every Outfit Trainers

These days it’s all about style AND comfort. Happily, we are no longer ostracised for wearing trainers with dresses or smart clothing. There are so many options when it comes to trainers and an endless number of outfits to be made. So, if you haven’t taken the plunge into fashion and comfort, here is a... Read More
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