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The Colours of Spring Fashion 2016

The Colours of Spring Fashion 2016


Every season there is a colour palette that is revealed to us fashion enthusiasts and every year it’s different. With New York Fashion Week out of the way the Spring 2016 colour palette has been revealed. What hues and shades can we expect this spring in plus size fashion? What are their influencers? Which ones are “YASSSSS!!!!” and which will you say “No way!” to?

It appears that this season we can expect colours that transcend cultural and gender norms. Pink is no longer just for girls and dark blues are no longer just for the lads.

This season we will see a lot of vivid brights that give way to excitement and optimism but with stability. For neutrals, look for a Lilac Grey and Iced Coffee type colours.

The brights include Rose Pink, a Deep Peach, a Light Periwinkle, Deep Ocean Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Seaside Blue, Fiesta Red, and a flash of Green.

These colours are to be seen in everything you can imagine: skirts, trousers, dresses, patterns and accessories such as hats and handbags.

Rose Pink conveys a sense of compassion and composure with its gentle tone. This colour will have you reflecting on your surroundings throughout spring and summer.

Deep Peach is a friendly shade that gives off warmth and accessibility. Its almost orange-like shade is fun and bright and can best be paired with Rose Pink, Light Periwinkle and Lilac Grey.

Light Periwinkle is light and airy with its almost sky-like sha
de. This colour will keep you calm and serene.

Deep Ocean Blue is in the navy family but with a more energetic context. Wear this particular colour while on holiday and pair with Buttercup Yellow, Iced Coffee, and Deep Peach.

Buttercup Yellow will immediately transport you to a happy and sunny place. Wear throughout spring and summer with Deep Ocean Blue, Light Periwinkle and Lilac Grey for the trendiest look.

Seaside Blue leans a bit more towards the green family than blue. It’s clean, defined and fresh, and evokes tranquillity.

Fiesta Red is the most exciting of the Spring 2016 colourpink-clove-plus-sally-cape-shift-dress-p703-6491_images. It’s strong, fiery and vivid. Its striking contrast when paired with Deep Ocean Blue, Flash of Green and Seaside Blue will have all the attention on you.

Flash of Green allows you the chance to escape the mundane and begin a journey. Wear this colour when you feel like exploring new experiences and places.

This season’s colour palette is undeniably bright, vivid and bold. These colours are the perfect colours for spring and summer and look even more fabulous when paired together. Check our line for these must-have colours this season.

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