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The Perfect Dress for a Curvy Woman

It is time to celebrate our curves. 

Thanks to the likes of beautiful women like Adele, Rebel Wilson and Beyoncé, the fashion world has embraced curves once again and the catwalk has welcomed curvy models, such as Robyn Lawley, to a scene previously reserved for slimmer women.

With so many beautiful plus size women in the media, it is no surprise that the market is awash with designers and brands, all competing to clothe the fuller woman. However when it comes to plus sized clothing – if you want to look good, you must choose well.

Many people believe that to create plus size clothing you just need to use more fabric, however this is a common misconception. Behind curvy clothing is an entire team of men and women who use cut outs, shaping technology and specific lengths and styles to help sculpt your curves.

With the party season around the corner there is no better excuse to invest in a new wardrobe to ensure you look your very best at every single Christmas and New Year’s
party you make it to over the festive season.

What dress should I choose?

You should be looking for a plus size dress in a semi-fitted style – avoid anything too tight or too loose and try to focus on a shape that follows your own curves. It is also best to stay away from cinched waists and high necklines – instead opt for a plunging or sweetheart neckline that doesn’t reveal too much of your chest.

Wrap dresses, a line dresses, shirt dresses and full skirts all make for the perfect flattering dress, with intricate details drawing the eyes away from “problem areas”. Choose materials that drape well, such a wool or lightweight cotton.

Show a little leg – whilst the weather is a little cooler, showing off your pins when you wear a dress will help to slim down your silhouette (if it is really cold, you could cheat with some sheer tights). If you don’t fancy getting your legs out, show a little cleavage to balance out the look – whilst it is easy to cover up when you are feeling less confident, it is not a flattering look.

For those with a fuller bust

You need to be looking for a dress with an open neckline and a nipped in waist. Large breasts can make a woman look a lot larger than she is if she doesn’t dress them right. If you have a fuller figure up top, ensure your dress is pulled in at the waist or can be worn with a waist belt to flatter your silhouette. Avoid off the shoulder designs, tunics and full sleeves.

For those with a smaller bust

Strapless styles are your best friend. Strapless dresses can add definition to even the flattest of chests, making them appear larger than when hidden underneath loose fitting fabrics. A line and shift dresses can be used to create a slimmer appearance, however avoid anything fitted in the chest area if there is a chance you can’t fill it out.

Whatever you choose from Pink Clove this party season, be sure to send us pictures of you modelling your new favourite Pink Clove dress for a chance to be featured in our blog or on our social media pages.

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