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The Right Pair of Plus Size Trousers to Emphasise your Attributes

As the weather outside stays pretty windy and cool, trousers are often a must for staying warm.

Many full-figured women try to avoid anything that is too fitted and tight. If this is your concern, not to worry. With a few tricks and ideas, you can feel comfortable and look dazzling.

Black and Simple

You know what they say about black, right?

Well it’s totally true. It does make you look slimmer and more sophisticated. Choose something that is classy and simple. A straight cut will also be more flattering, as you will create one elongated line with your body.

Wide-leg plus size trousers weren’t worn only by hippies. Team them with high heels or wedges and you will definitely look leaner and taller. One thing to keep in mind is the proper length. If they cover your shoes and almost reach the floor, you’re on the right track.

Don’t Be Shy

Be proud of who you are! Clothes are just one form of expressing yourself. Make sure you try out some of the modern and bold prints available today. All the patterns will look beautiful on peg leg trousers, and their shape will create a more balanced silhouette. If you see a few heads turning as you cross the street, it’s only because you look gorgeous.

To ensure your comfort, check if the trousers have a stretchy waistband. It will flatter your figure and you won’t feel like something is cutting off your air supply.

Jumpsuit Trend

If you’re looking for something that can take you right from the office to a dinner party, a jumpsuit is a great alternative to plus size trousers. You can apply all the above rules and simply add a few sparkly accessories.

Check out our collection. As some of our jumpsuits are part of a limited edition, make sure to get hold of them soon. At Pink Clove we offer all different designs and colours to help you create your own unique style.

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