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Why Your Dress Size Doesn’t Matter

How often do you see people according to their body type or dress size? The answer is, probably never. The fashion industry is progressing and promoting healthy body image where every single girl can wear different clothes whatever her size.

We are we so obsessed with perfect legs and six-packs that we forget what’s truly important- happiness and acceptance.

Extensive Plus-Size Collections

The era of baggy clothes and boring colours is over. Nowadays fashion is for everyone and it’s easier to find clothes in sizes 16 to 32. Even if you’re not a big fan of spending hours in the shopping centre, you will still have plenty of online shops.

At Pink Clove we always observe new trends and we create our own lines in the sizes that will complement a fuller figure. You can finally enjoy high-street fashion without worrying if the clothes will fit you.

Enjoy colourful shorts, airy patterned dresses and sexy jumpsuits. There are no limits to your stylish looks.

Well-fitted Lingerie

Wearing trendy clothes means nothing if you don’t have correctly-chosen underwear. Any simple mistake can completely ruin your outfit. Imagine having a visible panty line under a chic, elegant dress. The truth is that nowadays you can browse through different options and find well-fitted lingerie in all kinds of designs.

When you choose a new undergarment, focus on comfort and the right size. This way you will avoid any possible embarrassment and your outfit will look impeccable.

Confidence is More Important

When you see a beautiful girl that smiles and looks confident, the first thing that comes to mind is admiration. This just proves that dress size doesn’t really matter. Self-assurance comes from within, and you can’t show it off with your outfits.

Women wear clothes, not the other way around. People will always notice if you feel good in your own skin. Men like confident girls who are not afraid to express their femininity.

Dress size only matters if you decide it does. Always remember what Harry Winston once said: “People will stare. Make it worth their while”.

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